Tervol’s Wood Products

Jeffrey and Jason Tervol
11800 North Adams Road
North Adams, MI 49262
Phone: (517) 287-5745
E-mail: jtervol@tervolswoodproducts.com
Website: http://www.tervolswoodproducts.com

At Tervol's Wood Products, we specialize in sawing, kiln drying, and millwork. We also can do many other things like natural edge slab tables and counters, mantels, flooring, custom molding, siding, log cabin materials, sign making, hayracks and trucking. We have over 100,000 board feet of reclaimed material that we have cut and kiln dried. All of our logs for reclaimed lumber come from tree trimming, new construction sites, or working with municipalities. Our family-owned company has served the area since 1994.

Our Products

Red Oak Flooring/Paneling
1000 square feet
$5.00 per square foot
ID: jter120518
Reclaimed Ash Flooring
500 square feet
$4.50 per square foot
ID: JTER091219
Reclaimed Cherry Flooring
1000 square feet
$6.50 per square foot
ID: jter0808141

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