Don’t chip that tree. Reclaim it!

Did you know that Southeast Michigan's dead urban trees could produce over seventy-three million board feet of lumber each year? Unfortunately, trees removed from our cities are usually fated for the chipper. Instead, by saving and recycling the best logs, our partners create a wide variety of remarkable green products.

Purchasing lumber or other products from Urbanwood does more than give you beautiful, high-quality wood. Urbanwood partners make smart use of local resources. Our network of local sawmills turns dead urban trees into products that bring lasting value and exceptional character to your home.

Urbanwood products: a sustainable choice that supports communities in Southeast Michigan.


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The Urbanwood Project: Reclaiming Michigan Wood

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Monroe Household Has Urbanwood All Around

Woodworker Andrew Kuns' home is becoming a gallery of beautiful, custom-made Urbanwood projects.

Onsite Trees Saved for Home’s Oak Flooring

Ann Arbor, Michigan

A homeowners' wise choice resulted in beautiful white and red oak flooring in their new home from trees removed from the site.

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